Justin Strom is a mixed-media artist whose work explores newly developed technologies  in print media to produce photographic works of art that push the boundaries of printmaking. Strom’s work investigates a deep curiosity of the human body, creating a digital landscape of our unseen inner-spaces by combining elements of the real with those of the imagination.

Engaging with issues of microbiology, cloning, and genetic sequencing, Strom uses a hybrid of photography, digital printmaking, and 3D composite imagery to build luminous 2D works. Dense abstract forms with no clear boundaries create an alternative interior with scenes of rich color, frozen explosions, and conglomerated forms that act as symbolic reminders of transformation and impermanence in a volatile world. These multi-layered works offer a microbiological investigation of forms in imagined space that revel in the structures and processes of the body by exploring it from the inside.

Strom is currently an Associate Professor of Printmaking and Digital Imaging at the University of Maryland in College Park. He received his MFA in Studio Art from the University of Wisconsin- Madison in 2003, and a BFA in Painting at Columbia College in Columbia, Missouri in 1998. Strom also worked as an Assistant Printer at Highpoint Editions in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and a Production Assistant at Tandem Press in Madison, Wisconsin.